Grab Samsung’s Wireless Gear IconX Earbuds For Just $50!!

If you are looking for a great deal on wireless earphones then Samsung has a great deal. Samsung is offering one of the most fantastic deals for those who are looking to get a pair or truly wireless earbuds. The mobile and accessories giant is selling its Gear IconX for an amazing price of just $49.99. This is an unbelievable offer by the company as it is giving a discount of almost $150 off the list price. However, it must also be noted that the list price of the product has been inflated. The earbuds are currently sold in the retail market for $140 on Amazon.

This is a fantastic deal which will be available for only a short period of time. The earbuds give you the ultimate musical experience. The Gear IconX earbuds are available in three shades of black, white and blue. The company is also shipping the earbuds free to your address. The Gear IconX came as a treat for Samsung users in 2016. The company unveiled the new earbuds in June last year and sold them for a whopping $200.

The Gear IconX earbuds are no ordinary earphones. There are loads of features with it. The earbuds have a good 4 GB of storage apart from being splash-resistant. The earbuds come in a handy carrying case which is used for storage as well charging.

Though there is a big list of features, there some drawbacks as well. The battery life over Bluetooth is not quite as expected. You may have to use the earbuds quite often as the battery life lasts only 1.5 hours. In comparison to this, the latest version of Gear IconX earbuds announced last month has a reasonably better battery life of up to five hours.

Even though the earbuds have a short battery life, it is a steal at $50. They are a great option if for short morning jogs, gym workouts and commutes. So why wait for more, the offer is available only for a limited period.

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