Shocking !!! Alibaba’s Tmall Accused of Copying Skin Treatment ???

In a shocking revelation, a Hangzhou start-up has accused E-commerce giant Alibaba of copying its skin treatment secrets. The company which is a start-up based out of Hangzhou in China has accused Alibaba Group of an intellectual property theft claim. The company has accused Alibaba’s e-commerce platform of copying the secrets of its skin treatment and vowing to file a lawsuit against the giant.

In a shocking statement by the start-up, company CEO Wu Liang accused Alibaba of copying its “You Look Amazing Today” app. The company C2H4 Internet Technology launched the app last year which recommends skin care treatments for you to look good. Alibaba’s Tmall platform has been accused of having a similar feature which scans a customers’ face, evaluate skin conditions and recommend solutions copied from C2H4’s owned app “You Look Amazing Today”.

Wu Liang further stated that Alibaba has taken copying and intellectual theft to another level. The e-commerce giant has taken away entire technology and fully copied the application. According to Wu, Alibaba Group has approached the start-up in early May this year for a possible tie-up for a skin-testing feature on the Tmall and Taobao platforms. However, the deal didn’t materialize as expected.

As part of a possible collaboration, C2H4 was to offer app codes and demo versions to Ali Health without signing any formal contract. But Ali Health shortly declined the discussion and instead launched a similar app on its Tmall platform exactly similar to the app designed by the Hangzhou start-up. Responding to Wu’s allegations, Tmall apologized to C2H4 Internet Technology over the weekend. Tmall mentioned “plagiarism in the user instructions” and stated that the skin testing feature would be permanently removed from its platform. Tmall has also said that strict action will be taken against the management and staff involved in the incident. The performance will be evaluated and serious warnings have been issued accordingly to ones responsible.

Though Tmall has apologized but denied any claims of stealing the code from the Hangzhou start-up. According to Tmall the tie-up between C2H4 and Ali Health is a separate issue and will be dealt differently. The company further suggested that the skin-feature on Tmall is designed and developed by Alibaba Group alone. Wu further alleged that Tmall-Alibaba’s premier business to consumer (B2C) platform has failed to give a proper reply on the whole situation. Wu accused the e-commerce giant of evading the whole situation. Wu and C2H4 Internet Technology have directed its lawyers and legal advisers to collect evidence for further legal procedures against Alibaba.

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