Twist in the Tale, Jared Kushner Had Undisclosed Private Email Account

In the latest twist to the whole Jared Kushner tale, it has emerged that Jared Kushner had another previously undisclosed private Email account. The real-estate developer and newspaper publisher is far from escaping public scrutiny. Reports have come up stating the Donald Trump’s son-in-law had a third previously unreported email account.

According to reports, many emails passed the online domain set up to make room for two personal accounts. These accounts were of Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter. The whole situation came up when reportedly a third email account separate from two designated personal email accounts started receiving emails. These emails were from various White House web addresses. Not only from the White House, the two reported accounts received emails from some private accounts as well.

According to sources close to the Kushner family, the family has been using these accounts ever since they came to the White House. The emails reportedly contained some confidential content like administration’s business data, messages from Ivanka Trump’s assistants, and other official materials.

This is not the first time something like this has been reported. In the past, White House officials have used personal email accounts and encrypted messaging apps. These email accounts and apps had the feature of automatically deleting the content history for users. The White House is currently reviewing every official for the alleged use of personal email IDs in the premises. Ivanka Trump’s representative, however, stated that Advisor to the POTUS has kept her personal life away from work ever since arriving at the White House.

The representative further stated that all of Ivanka Trump’s emails related to work are saved on White House email server. Her personal emails, texts, and social media accounts never counter her duties at the White House. Ivanka Trump and her husband Kushner were under immense pressure recently after reports emerged that the couple was using their personal email IDs for White House Work. The couple was alleged to have been using personal accounts instead of the government-secured email.

The news of using private email ID has given Trump’s critics another chance to point fingers at him. Critics are pointing to the fact and scrutinizing Trump who had railed against Hillary Clinton claiming that the former First Lady used her private email accounts for government work.

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