Google Advanced Protection to Replace Two-Factor Codes?

It is certain that hackers and crackers are becoming more advanced to crack safety regulations easily that is why Google is looking forward to enhancing the security levels of its users beyond the simple current two-factor authentication option. According to some sources, the tech company Google is soon going to introduce a new safety technique known as “Advanced Protection Program”.

Maintaining a good password is an important act of keeping yourself protected online, it can be called the first line of defense. Apart from having a strong password, there are numerous ways of keeping your Google account secured. A great to secure your account is to use a 2FA application like Google Authenticator. This application enables you to receive login prompts on your mobile phone each time someone tries to access your Gmail account. You can also set up a physical USB key as well. This is somewhat similar to Yubikey. According to recent reports, Google team is working on another form of security but this time primarily for high-profile users.

Google has named the new service as “Advanced Protection Program”. The new security feature is designed and developed specifically for politicians, corporate executives and other bureaucrats. It is also to be noted that the accounts listed on this service will have some limited functions. Limited functionality means that no third party application such as Google Drive will be allowed to access. Google further reports that service will see regular updates to ensure user data is protected at all costs. The “Advanced Protection Program” makes use of two USB devices. These twin USB devices act as your security keys. These USB devices act as identification market and allow you to access the Gmail account. Interestingly you need to insert both devices to act as a three-factor authentication key.

The biggest advantage of using this system is that it eliminates the use of smartphones. Smartphones are an easier target for hackers when they look out for high profile individuals. Smartphones can be easily hacked as they have remote access feature. Hacking a USB device or physical device is much harder as there is no wireless connectivity. An added advantage is that the new Advanced Protection Program eliminates any third-party applications from accessing the user’s account. Many believe the new service is great to avoid hacks like the one that took place in 2016 when Democratic National Committee emails were hacked.

Though the new service is quite promising it is not clear whether Google will offer this service to everyone. As per sources, the company is looking to offer the service privately to corporate heads and politicians. One thing is for sure if the initial phase of the service proves successful and popular that application may be extended to other users in the future. So if you are looking for a safer and secure way to keep your data, Google’s Advanced Protection Program set to debut somewhere in late November 2017.

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