Google’s Pixel Buds or the Apple’s AirPods- Which One to Go for?

Recently, Google declared the second round of its unique Pixel smartphones, yet it likewise extended its little universe of “Made by Google” equipment. One of the new items under that umbrella, and a first for Google, are the Pixel Buds. They’re around-the-neck remote ear buds and look very much similar to the Apple’s AirPods.

Much like Apple, Google has removed the headphone jack on its new phones, giving way to the wireless earphones. They are also priced the same as AirPods, at $159. Nonetheless, there are a lot of differences between the Pixel Buds and AirPods. Pixel Buds have around five hours of battery life, and accompany a carrying case that can recharge the buds four times. It’s quite similar to the AirPods, but the only advantage Apple has here is its small size which make it very easy to be carried in pockets as well.

AirPods, Pixel Buds utilize an open door design than numerous other smaller, wireless ear buds. That gives you a chance to hear more ambient sounds which is great in the event that you would prefer not to be excessively confined, yet awful in case if you are looking for good sound quality. Not at all like AirPods, is the Pixel Buds’ fit adjustable. The fabric string that associates the two ear buds can really slide up through a circle in each bud to slip into the folds of your ear.

Google put a little effort to include the Bluetooth on Pixel Buds so it’s simpler to interface them than ordinary Bluetooth earphones. It’s too soon to state if it’s on a par with the outcomes that Apple got with the W1 chip that is in AirPods and different earphones.

You’ll have the capacity to utilize the Pixel Buds with different phones, with Google Assistant highlights dealing with any Assistant-empowered Android gadget, and the quick pairing with any phone running Android N or higher. The dialect interpretation is selective to Pixel Buds utilized with a Pixel phone. So they’re like AirPods in that you won’t get the total experience when utilizing them with different phones, yet a couple of a bigger number of highlights go with Pixel Buds than with AirPods. Pixel Buds offer more control than AirPods do. You can tap to play and pause music, double tap to read notifications, and all the more imperatively, swipe crosswise over them to change volume — however just on the correct one. AirPods are constrained to tap controls, and don’t have as much surface zone accessible for that as the Pixel Buds do. An enormous offering purpose of both Pixel Buds and AirPods is that they give you more prompt access to the organizations’ advanced partners without expecting you to take out your phone.

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