6 Dead and Over 30 Injured as Massive Gas Station Explosion Rocks Capital Accra in Ghana

A massive gas station explosion rocked the city of Accra in Ghana on Saturday evening. According to reports, at least six people are dead and over 30 left with severe burns. The incident took place reportedly around 7:30 pm on Saturday evening. A fire broke out at a gas station in the capital city of Accra. The fire soon spread to other station and buildings surrounding the gas station. Many locals made videos of the explosion on their mobile phones and cameras. The giant ball of flame went meters up in the sky and lit up the whole area. The videos of the massive fireball were soon uploaded to social media as authorities quickly took evasive actions.

The devastation could only be imagined as six people were dead and over 35 suffered severe burns. The fire service personnel were quick to action but only after the fury of the blast came down a bit. According to officials at the National Disaster Management Organization of Ghana, the emergency team is still trying to reach a convenience store located inside the gas station. Even after hours of struggle, the team is yet to douse the fire. It is, however, unclear whether anyone is dead or trapped inside the store.

In an official statement by the Deputy Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, the ministry confirmed that the blast radius was huge. This has led to many people being affected. According to eyewitnesses, the place looked like a worn torn zone with fire everywhere and people running for their lives. There was so much panic and chaos that no one knew what exactly happened. The firefighters had a tough time extinguishing the flames which soon engulfed more than one fuel tanker. It was only by midnight that the fire was under control and did not pose any further threat.

The Accra city officials took to social media to make people aware of the explosion. It served as a warning to the people who were on their way to the Legon and Madina areas. People were asked to remain in their homes as the flames were visible even from a mile away. The explosion on Saturday is the second to rock capital Accra since 2015. An even more massive explosion took place at a gas station in 2015 which claimed the life of almost 100 people.

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