Diplomacy Failed, Only One Way to Talk with North Korea: Donald Trump

The tension between North Korea and the United States seems never-ending. Keeping his strong stance against North Korea, US President Donald Trump has said that all diplomacy with the Asian country has failed. The POTUS says that there is the only way to talk with North Korea, hinting about a possible military exercise. Trump was engaged in a heated war of words with Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. The heads of two nuclear-armed nations have been trading insults and mock over the last few months.

In a tweet on Saturday, Trump highlighted the role and relations that previous Presidents shared with North Korea. These included agreements and money. However, Trump stated that these won’t work now as Kim Jong-Un has violated these agreements even before the ink ran dry. The Asian country for long has made a mockery of the US diplomacy. Donald Trump also added that the United States will not hold back force if needed to halt the missile and nuclear tests by North Korea. The POTUS threatened to completely sweep North Korea if the country doesn’t live peacefully.

Trump while talking to journalists that this is the calm before the storm. The President held his harsh stance against the likes of Iran, North Korea, and the Islamic State group. The US President ever since coming to power has been very vocal and bold about actions against such nations and groups.

Trump even called back his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from the middle of a meeting with top Chinese officials. Trump tweeted calling the whole meeting as a simple “waste of time”.

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