Make Your Body Fit And Fine By Doing Household Chores

It’s good to hear about the bright side of dull chores. According to a recent study that tracked approximately 130,000 people in 17 nations – being physically active is good for human being as it extends human life and decreases illness. Those who do regular gym; walk to their work or tackles household chores such as laundry or gardening etc. makes human’s body fit and fine.

Researchers found that a 30-minute physical activity prevents one in 12 global deaths over a 5-year period. The 30-minute physical activity includes walking to work, house-cleaning etc. People who are highly active round about 750 minutes a week are linked with an even greater reduction said the study published in a medical journal ‘The Lancet’.

The author said in a press statement that the study reveals on a global scale that the physical activity plays a vital role in lowering risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease. No matter from which country participants came and what type of activity they do or whether it was a part of daily housework or was undertaken for leisure.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends minimum 75-minute of “vigorous-intensity” or 150-minute of “moderate-intensity” aerobic physical activity per week. Though the study exposed that almost a quarter of the globe’s population doesn’t meet this criterion. The Simon Fraser University in Canada’s leading author Scott Lear says that the latest study reports that walking for as little as 30-minute regularly benefits the human body.

The research involved participants aged from 35 to 70-years from both urban and rural areas in poor and rich countries. These participants were followed for more than 7-years. Researchers noted down the total heart attacks, heart failure or strokes that occurred during the study and they compared the figures to the person’s physical activity levels.

“Out of 106,970 people who matched with the activity guidelines, 3.8 percent developed the disease of cardiovascular compared to 5.1 percent of people who didn’t.” – Authors quoted

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