Apple Set to Ditch Touch ID with Face ID???

The mobile world is abuzz with the 2018 edition of Apple iPhone. As per reports, the company is looking to opt for Facial ID for the next generation of its devices. The company will possibly bid adieu to the Touch ID which it opted for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The new feature of Face ID scans facial features of users and then unlocks the device. The feature maps your contour, complexion, lines, and shapes to match with the owner or registered user. Apple has taken care of details as the feature doesn’t get confused by hairstyles, hats, or beards. The system is being hailed by the company as the safest they have ever designed ever. According to the team at Apple, there is one-in-million chance to crack the facial ID feature. Interestingly the Touch ID feature today is said to be one-in-50,000 chance of getting cracked.

Earlier there were reports that the intention of Apple to launch the Face ID would depend on the user feedback to iPhone X. But now it seems evident that the company is going to move ahead with the 3D sensing completely. Experts believe that cracking Face ID on iPhone will be very difficult. The reason for this is Apple’s TrueDepth camera module. The hardware is the key behind Face ID on iPhone. However, this service is years ahead of other similar technologies in the market. Apple’s quality of infrared cameras, ambient light sensors, and dot projectors is a huge challenge for other companies to mass produce.

The development of Face ID feature convinces many experts that the company will surely ditch Touch ID in the coming iPhone models. The decision is likely to give Apple an upper hand over its competitors in the market. The iPad camera is also rumored to be loaded with Face ID feature in the future.

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