Weight Loss Supplements – Are They Safe?

“Lean is In”, today everybody wants to have a nice chiseled body. People are spending hours at the gym working out to get in shape. Also losing a few pounds boosts your confidence and not to mention, your health. Each year millions of people in the United States try different things to get in shape. Some sweat it out in the gym while others cut down on diet and some even resort to weight loss supplements. But here is the catch; are weight loss supplements really safe??

There is an ongoing debate in the United States about the safety and health risks associated with weight loss supplements. Many experts believe that relying entirely on weight loss supplements for reaching your weight loss goals can have effects on your health. It is advisable to first consult your doctor before taking any form supplement. Natural diet and exercise should be your first line of defense against obesity rather than relying solely on pills. They are supplements meant to be used alongside natural diet. Relying entirely on weight loss pills and powders often lead to conditions like addiction, overdose, and even death. It also has been found that brands claiming “no side-effect” contain ingredients that harm you more than doing any good.

Weight loss supplements are like any other medications. They have side effects which cannot be ignored. If you have weight issues then you should look at the pros and cons of using such supplements before taking them. Taking weight loss supplements without proper knowledge may only worsen your health. Natural weight loss supplements like Green Tea, Berberine and Meratrim are good to have but even they might have slight side effects too.

Green Tea is found to have polyphenol antioxidants called catechins which helps boosts metabolism and reduces oxidative stress. There is also a significant amount of caffeine present in green tea which can lead to nausea, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea and irregular sleeping patterns. Berberine is also a lesser known weight loss supplement that regulates and reduces blood sugar content. However, berberine also causes problems like cramping, constipation and stomach pain. The third and relatively new supplement is Meratrim. This is a promising supplement that is actually made up of plant blend. Even though these three are natural supplements, they have some side effects. You can imagine yourself what synthetic supplements prepared in labs can have on your body.

It is advisable to have weight loss supplements that are natural. Most supplements have negative effects on the body. Eliminating the side effects from the picture is just not possible today. So the main goal for you should be to remain healthy rather than getting those abs.

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