Bollywood gets Huge Fan following from Brazil Turning their Love into a Card Game

The 100 percent energy independent nation, Brazil is turning their love for Hindi movies into a card game. The country situated in South America is a long away from the Bollywood industry.

But the connection was found when Gustavo Bechtold, promotion planner moved to the film city of India, Mumbai for some work in 2011, he then immediately developed a passion for Hindi movies.

As the advertising planner Bechtold communicated with Quartz in an email that a colleague took him to  Galaxy Cinema in the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai to watch ‘Desi Boyz’ film. He then completely fell in love with all the songs and dance sequences of the movie. He loved the movie this much that he returned to the cinema hall to watch the romantic comedy film three times.

Gustavo along with a few fellows Brazilian Bollywood fans creating a game paying homage to the Hindi cinema. The card game features iconic elements of a Hindi movie such as a hero, heroine, vamps and villains, sudden story twists, and not to forget the song and dance sequences. The Bollywood game is designed to achieve a happy ending including all elements of Hindi film. Players are indulged into a competition to attain the happy endings, competitors are supposed to score points through song cards while fighting against evils.

Players will Finish Twisting the Story of the Game by using Intermission Card.

The project is increasing funds on an international crowdfunding website established in 2008, Indiegogo, Inc. It takes design motivation from ancient Indian matchbox labels and art from the 1970s film posters. It also gets inspiration from Big B and Ajay Devgan’s films such as Don of 1978, and Singhan of 2011 respectively. Since a year, the team of Bollywood fans is testing out the game in countries like Canada, the US, and Brazil and even on the land of Hindi cinema, India. The game gets a positive response from its players, added Bechtold.

It was an unbelievable experience for Indian people as they could not trust that a Bollywood inspired game with such fantastic details can take up by Brazilians.

Being the member of BRIC bloc, both the countries have worked to promote a close political relationship over the years, though, the cultural exchanges are in its early stage unlike the neighbor nation China where Indian actor Aamir Khan’s films received a huge support and love, grossed millions of dollars.

The interest of Brazilians in Hindi cinema, Indian cultural & traditions has been gradually increasing and the credit goes to a 2009 Portuguese soap opera held in the capital of Rajasthan which became a commotion in the South American. Brazilian actors who spoke a few phrases of Hindi language, danced on Bollywood songs, hit the show by attracting approximately 30 million audiences from Brazil. The tale of an inter-caste romance titled ‘Caminho das Indias’ (India: A Love Story) drew huge viewers.

And since then, the tourism to the developing nation, India got a hike. The tourism ministry of India has shown a rise in Brazilian tourists visiting India.

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