Yoga To Heal The Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Treatment

Learn Yoga poses to ease side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Yes! You heard right, the latest research suggests yoga could help men, who are dealing with the side effects of their prostate cancer therapy.

A study suggests that practicing yoga twice a week can improve the quality of your life and especially for men being treated for a terrific prostate cancer as the ancient practice is capable of reducing the side effects of radiation that include sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and urinary incontinence. It is analyzed that men who attended structured yoga classes during the prostate cancer treatment, were reported less fatigue, better urinary and sexual function than those who didn’t.

At the University of Pennsylvania, an associate professor of radiation oncology and a lead researcher Dr. Neha Vapiwala stated that the level of fatigue in patients are reported high around the fourth or fifth week of therapy but it didn’t happen to the people who joined Yoga classes.

The researchers suggest around 85% men experience erectile dysfunction that undergoes radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Several men also report great fatigue just after radiation therapy.

Would the ancient practice of Yoga really ease that burden?

As study reports the patients of prostate cancer underwent 6-9 weeks of external beam radiation treatment. Those who already practiced yoga at an advanced cancer level and patients who had earlier undergone radiation treatment were not incorporated in the study.

While undergoing radiation therapy, 22 patients joined a structured yoga class two times a week; on the other hand, 28 patients didn’t attend the yoga classes.

Every yoga session’s duration was 75 minutes and it included standing, sitting and reclining positions that were customized to suit each patient’s requirement and restrictions.

In a nutshell, the fatigue level was high for the patients who didn’t attend the yoga classes while it was low for those who did. Talking about the sexual functioning scores, it was dropped in patients engaged in the non-yoga group while no dropping changes were noticed in the yoga group patients.

Vapiwala stated in a university news release that Yoga, the ancient practice is known to strengthen pelvic floor muscles that is one of many postulated theories that may describe why the yoga group didn’t emerge with declining scores, as seen in a non-yoga group. It may also clarify the yoga patients’ improvement of urinary function.

This research was funded by grants from the American Cancer Society along with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and recently it was published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics.

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