iPhone 8 feeling lonely as attention shifts to iPhone X?

Apple’s iPhone 8 is reportedly going through a decline in sales.  The CEO of Canada based communications and media company ‘Rogers Communications’; called the demand of iPhone 8 ‘anemic’. According to him, the financial prospects of the Apple Company rely on its highly anticipated iPhone X. The latest iPhone coming with animoji and body & face detection features is highly appreciated across the world and people are keen to check out the USP (unique selling point) of the phone. The 5.8-inch multi-touch Smartphone is going to hit the stores on November 3. In the initial phase of iPhone X, it will fall to 2-3 million ranges at its launch. It means that several interested purchasers of the much-anticipated phone may have to wait until late 2017 or even early 2018 to get advanced iPhone in their hands.

With so much riding on the latest smartphone of Apple, one won’t be wrong, assuming that the Apple Company is going through some supply issues as it might push potential buyers of iPhone to choose the margin-friendly iPhone X and leave other less-beneficial devices such as iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

Addressing the question, the retail executive of Apple, Angela Ahrendts gave a statement to CNBC today that the employees of stores will assuredly not try to upsell the consumers on the iPhone X. But on the opposite, the employees of the company will try and recommend a device that is most suitable to the customers.

On the opening of a new flagship store of the company along the Chicago Riverwalk, the retail executive Ahrendts stated to CNBC that internally they use the tagline ‘an iPhone for everyone’ but he prefers asking people the purpose of buying iPhone and get the required details like what do they need? They do it with iPad, Mac and even with iPhone too.

Ahrendts explained that the way they look at it is structuring a relationship. According to the retail chief, it’s a kind of fashion where you would love to go back to the person or organization that has taken really good care of you. Therefore, Apple won’t need conveying buyers to purchase iPhone X over iPhone 8.

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