After Burglary News, Kim Kardashian “Battling Severe Anxiety”

A year after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris; another burglary incident was reported at the reality stars’ home in Bel-Air, California. However, it has turned out be that the news was made up by some gossip news makers. Kim Kardashian is reportedly battling severe anxiety after the whole incident was made up. Sources close to the reality star denied of any such incident and it is believed that the story has been botched up. The cars ransacked didn’t belong to the couple but one of their staff members. An iPhone was stolen and things belonging to the couple were safe.

According to reports, it was reported that a thief tried to burglarize the cars of Kim and Kanye parked outside their home on Friday. However, the thief never stepped on the actual property as the cars were parked outside the home. The car which the thief ransacked belonged to the staff. The newsmakers tried to make up stories connecting the latest incident with the Paris incident. The two events have nothing in common and are only an attempt by some Hollywood gossip sites to draw traffic to their site.

Even though Kim and Kanye were safe during the whole incident, it has been reported that Kim is battling severe anxiety. The reality star has not fully recovered from the Paris attack on her and is still shaken from it. The incident took place in the early hours of Friday, however, there was no attempted break-in at the couple home. The crime was directed to the cars and not the property of the couple. Though the couple and their kids are safe, this has again brought back the memories of Paris attack on Kim. The reality star is reportedly having troubled sleepless nights and anxiety issues. The star was seen talking about her fears on a “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” episode earlier this month.

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