Drink Coffee & Get Rid of Diabetes Risk!

There are plenty of people who drink coffee every day without knowing its health benefits. Coffee is now has become a medicine that lets you get rid of diabetes risk. The coffee contains ‘Cafestol’ a bioactive substance that helps delay type-2 diabetes.

In a recent study conducted by a team of scientists in Denmark revealed the advantages of coffee in delaying diabetes. The test was examined on rats and found improvement in cell function and insulin sensitivity in mice. The research has recommended coffee be listed in the items of healthy diet. The Coffee has been suggested by some other researchers as well, for instance – In the latest study held at the University of Southern California in the United States, discovered that coffee drinkers can live longer. This study involved more than 180,000 participants.

Scientists have also previously recognized substance in coffee that lowers the risk of diabetes but one substance named cafestol was remained untested so in this study they wanted to check if this particular substance could help delaying type-2 diabetes. The authors of the study unveiled that cafestol could stimulate the development of new drugs to prevent the disease or to treat it. These findings were reported in the American Chemical Society Journal of Natural Products.

For the study, the selected mice called KKAy were prone to grow the diabetes disease. The scientists randomly classified forty-seven male mice into two groups named one as treatment and second as control groups.

In this experiment, all the mice were given a normal diet while the mice of treatment group regularly consumed cafestol for almost 10 weeks. It is noted that the ‘cafestol’ substance was not given to the control group animals. Thereafter, the blood samples were collected to examine muscle and fat tissues, fasting glucose, glucagon, and insulin as well as the liver of both the groups. According to the researcher’s report, the scientists separated islets of Langerhans that produces insulin — and calculated their insulin secretory competence. After ten weeks of intervention, scientists found a reduction of 28 to 30 percent in fasting plasma glucose. This reduction was observed in cafestol group or treatment group compared with the control group. Thus, a positive change was observed in the cafestol group – that detected 42% improvement in insulin sensitivity and reduction in the fasting glucagon by 20%. The treatment group augmented insulin secretion from isolated islets by 75-87% in comparison with another group.

The researchers confirmed that cafestol contains anti-diabetic properties. Consequently, coffee is a good option to prevent or to lower the risk of diabetes in human beings.

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