Amazon to open AI center in Germany’s Cyber Valley

To promote artificial intelligence in Germany, Amazon is going to open a research center near the cities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. The project will be spearheaded by Germany’s Max Planck Society. The artificial intelligence center will be set up at the hub, more famously known as Cyber Valley. Cyber Valley was established in December 2016 as a joint venture between the Max Planck Society, two technical universities and the State of Baden-Württemberg. This effort was supported by some leading companies like Facebook, BMW, and ZF.

Earlier this month Amazon bought Body Labs which is an AI human modeling start-up. This fueled the news that Amazon would be opening a research facility in Tübingen that would create 100 jobs. The research facility marks the beginning of one of the largest European partnerships in AI. Amazon is looking to establish itself in the AI market which is soon becoming a competitive field. On the other hand, the Max Planck Society comprises of 84 institutes that are situated at different locations around the globe. The institute would be majorly responsible for the research at Silicon Valley.

Amazon is looking to take advantage of the German expertise in manufacturing. The team at Amazon would then combine it with the latest software giving birth to intelligent technology. Cyber Valley was founded by leading automation like Daimler, parent of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Bosch, so there is no shortage of innovation. The basic ideology behind the Cyber Valley is to combine the best resources and develop artificial intelligence that caters to the fields like human cell research, and mobility.

As part of the deal, Amazon will be contributing a massive €1.25m for setting up the new research facility. The company would further sponsor doctoral and postdoctoral students by offering them scholarships of €420,000 a year. Body Labs’ works would form the bases of research at Cyber Valley. The company before being acquired by Amazon was making replicas of human bodies for research purpose.

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