Japanese Game Giant Nintendo Introduces ‘Animal Crossing’ For Smartphones

Kyoto based video game Company Nintendo climbs success with an impressive comeback in the market. The company has introduced its upcoming game’s title – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which is to release for smartphones. The game is supposed to launch in the coming month ‘November’ for iOS and Android devices. It is expected the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would console version than any other present mobile game genre. It’s also in the air that the company Nintendo would pay appropriate respect to the refreshing series.

In Pocket Camp game, players are placed in the shoes of a ‘camp manager’. Camp Managers are given a task of designing the layout of the camp and it is done to attract huge visitors. The mechanics of gameplay would not be changed at all in comparison with the original console-based games. But there is a slight difference in it as in the old games, players were running errands for small villages and in this new game, the focus is on assisting/helping fellow campers or other people in the village. The game also comprises multiplayer elements that permit gamers to assemble other players from the list of their friends or trade items.

The Pocket Camp game comes with the similar graphics and gameplay of the series that launched in 2002, outside the country on the GameCube. The game is to be released in the month of November but several downloads of the game have taken place in Australia. The users in Australia claimed to download the game from the Google Play store though it’s not available on Apple’s App Store yet. Surprisingly, while the smallest continent of the world is enjoying the game; others are just waiting for the launch.

The game lets you perform tasks related to the real world such as collecting fruits, finding bugs for your pets or animal friends. You are also allowed to trade the items and build new furniture to personalize the camp. The Animal Crossing game is free to play but yes you might have to spend your real money to unlock latest features.

It is counted as the third Nintendo game to release on highly used device ‘smartphone’, following the two games – Super Mario and the Fire Emblem Heroes. The Japanese games giant is determined to capitalize on the rapidly growing smartphone market. With the passage of time, the company is making changes in its games by analyzing the demands of the current market and users.

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