Tesla Begins Energy Storage At Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico

Tesla, electric automaker giant has utilized its solar panels and batteries to re-establish steadfast electricity at a children’s hospital known as San Juan’s Hospital del Nino. The CEO of Tesla, Musk calls this project ‘the first of several solar+battery Tesla projects’ which soon are going live in Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the U.S. situated in the northeast Caribbean Sea.

The project came to light after the tragedy Puerto Rico faced as it was hit two devastating and prevailing hurricanes in the month of September. Tesla publicized its success in getting the hospital’s power functioning again.

The CEO of Palo Alto-based solar panel manufacturer, Tesla recently tweeted that some of Tesla’s work is now being rerouted thus there is a high possibility that they can increase battery production for Puerto Rico and other affected areas.

As per El Nuevo Dia reports, the new system of children’s hospital permits it to generate the energy it requires. There are around 35 permanent residents in the facility with chronic conditions though it also provides services to almost 3000 young patients. On being questioned who is paying for the power system, the senior at the hospital told that for the present situation, it’s a donation but once the energy crises are over, a deal can take place permanently.

In this week, the tech Company and the 12th and current governor of Puerto Rico tweeted about the project with solar maker ‘Tesla’, appreciating the contribution and support of the company saying ‘Grateful to support the recovery of Puerto Rico with @ricardorossello’ and the governor posted ‘A major contribution of @Tesla to the Hospital del Niño.”

These types of projects are extremely helpful for Puerto Rico as only 24.4% of the island it relies on generators for electricity. It’s quite important to note that the company appears to be building microgrids with the fresh installations that are restricted to handling the power of small closed systems despite larger networks. The American automaker and energy storage company have previously installed power grid systems on Ta’u in American Samoa, Kauai in Hawaii but not large as Puerto Rico.

Whitefish Energy got a deal of $300 million to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid at large with PREPA (the island’s power authority). This task of rebuilding power grid will take months and can cost $5 billion.

It’s not only Tesla who is trying to assist Puerto Rico but Alphabet, Google’s parent company is also in the queue as it has deployed balloons from its Project Loon to facilitate parts of the island reconnect. This portable network can be very useful to the phone users with some web browsing and message.

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