Supreme Court Refused To an Appeal Challenging Laws Barring Online Games of Rummy

This week, the Supreme Court declined to entertain an appeal challenging the soundness of 3 state laws barring online game of Rummy played for shares.

A Justice Madan B lokur-led panel declined to hear the appeal filed by an online company, Krida Sports and Games Private Limited, which has asked for direction to Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu to enable it to operate the game for shares.

Supreme Court Refused To an Appeal Challenging Laws Barring Online Games of Rummy

The Government of Telangana had subjected 2 fresh ordinances altering the 1974 Telangana Gaming Act to bar online betting by including fresh definition of cyber space in the norms, making gambling and betting via the Internet against the law. In addition to this, Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also made analogous alterations barring online rummy for shares. The company shifted to the top court claiming its basic right was disobeyed.

On the other hand, the Government of Telangana, in their argument against affidavit, claimed that addiction to online game of rummy has impacted different sections of society, comprising women and students. It also claimed that the regulation has been well established that summons jurisdiction can’t be raised by a firm in opposition to the state, stating violation of basic rights.

“It is obvious from the above information that online rummy and rummy when played for shares, is making a social threat impacting the life of women and students. It is leading to an unfavorable effect on family life,” claimed the executives of the governments of the 3 states to the media in an interview.

“The State was hence bound to enact the Ordinance pursuant to its legitimate responsibilities of performing a just social instruction,” Telangana claimed in its opposing affidavit. The state government also claimed that the online seller, who is programmed and controlled by the company, has complete visibility of the cards being distributed and there is every chance for the seller to change this distribution.

In a nutshell, the decision by the state governments to ban the game was the correct move taken. This might improve the life of students and women impacted by the game and will also take the society to a new level of development and progress.

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