Lenovo Aims Top Position In Next 2 Years in PC Market

Lenovo, the Chinese tech firm, plans to corner the leading slot in the user PC commerce in the next two years in the country, a top official of the company has claimed. “We are seeking at 20% development as compared to the previous year. Our goal is to be No 1 brand from No 3. In tablets and PCs we need to get to the No 1 spot in the next two years time in the nation,” Rajesh Thadani, Executive Director of Business and Ecommerce at Lenovo India, claimed to the media recently. The user PC market in the country has been comparatively flat over the last couple of quarters and the firm is gambling huge on the up-and-coming formats such as convertible, gaming, light, and thin to boost sales.

Lenovo Aims Top Position In Next 2 Years in PC Market

“The in-general PC market might be flat but the up-and-coming form factors such as convertible, gaming, light, and thin appear to be developing exponentially at over 100%. The conventional devices are flattish. We anticipate that the upcoming level of PC development will take place through these up-and-coming form factors,” he claimed. The in general PC market in the nation is expected to be 4 Million, with 1 Million desktop and 3 Million notebooks. The up-and-coming form factors attribute almost 10% of the PC market and Lenovo anticipates it to increase 2x in 2018. The firm is making these devices at a reasonably priced rate and for its light and thin device the incremental price from a conventional notebook is 15%, in comparison to 30% to 40% in the past.

“We are covering the gap to boost user requirements,” he claimed. Lenovo plans to corner more than 20% share of the market in the premium segment that is expected to be 12% to 13% of the in general PC market. “We need to develop our stake and increase up the premium segment by 2x. We need to have minimum more than 20% share in premium segment. Our share presently is almost 14% to 14.5%,” Thadani claimed to the media. To elevate its retail footstep the firm aims to include 100 exclusive shops this year.

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