SC limits use of milk for worship in Mahakaleshwar Temple

The Supreme Court permitted on this week few new rules for worshipping at the very old temple called as Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga located in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh, which allows only 500 ml of overturn osmosis water for the ritual. The apex court permitted eight points of the declaration passed by the temple administration commission in consonance with the commendation of an authority committee of administrator for the Geological Survey of India and Archeological Survey of India. A group of Justices L Nageswara Rao and Arun Mishra said the commendation of the authority committee require to be implemented to conserve the lingam (sign of the divinity). According to the latest approved rules, the devotees would be allowable a fixed quantity of water measuring 550ml in an apt small pot per individual for Jalabhishek (worshipping by proffering water). It stated the water for Jalabhishek will be taken from the Reverse Osmosis mechanism set up throughout Simhastha (spiritual fair), in the year 2016, for which a association shall be given near the workroom sanctorum.

SC limits use of milk for worship in Mahakaleshwar Temple

The latest declaration says at present throughout the popular Bhasma Aarti (exceptional prayer with holy ash), half of the lingam (sign of the divinity) is covered with a piece cloth. Currently, it would be fully covered with dry cotton fabric throughout the prayers. Limitations were also kept only for Abhishek and only up to 1.35 litres of milk or panchamrut which is the combination of liquid jaggery, honey, milk, curd and ghee per disciple shall be permissible. After the Jalabhishek which closes at 5:10 pm every day, the lingam (sign of the divinity) will be daily cleaned and dried to reduce the water quantity and subsequently only waterless pooja would be allowable every day. The customary practice of chafing of sugar residue on Shivalinga has been completely excluded and in its place, the usage of Khandsari (raw raw white sugar) will be endorsed. A fresh sewage management plant shall be installed within a year and fans and dryers will be used to keep away from moisture in sanctum sanctorum. “Bilva (bel) flowers and leaves shall be utilized on the upper division of the Shivling to keep away from any impediment in normal gasp of the stone,” the declaration permitted by apex court said.


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