Uber Chief Urges Employees To “Do The Right Thing”

The lately hired chief of Uber laid out an ethical statement of belief for the hullabaloo-battered ride-hailing company this week, urging workers to do the correct thing.”The approach and culture that got the company where it is today is not what will take us to the upcoming stage,” Dara Khosrowshahi, chief of Uber, claimed in an online post in a message to employees. “As we shift from an epoch of development at all prices to one of dependable growth, our culture requires evolving.”

Uber employed Khosrowshahi, boss of Expedia, in August as its fresh chief executive in the anticipation that he can guide the ridesharing company away from the series of controversies it has encountered in the last year. Khosrowshahi is accredited with converting Expedia into a worldwide travel services giant, achieving admiration from workers along the path. New norms of Uber workplace drawn by Khosrowshahi comprised rejoicing varied backgrounds, along with “We do the right thing, period.”

Uber Chief Urges Employees To “Do The Right Thing”

While speaking at a Wall Street Journal tech meeting previous month, Arianna Huffington, the Uber board member, accused a burnout civilization for powering sexism at the leading handset-summoned ride hailing company in the world. Huffington attributed Travis Kalanick, the Uber co-founder, with boosting the startup to an almost a valuation of $70 Billion, although he was expelled in June as boss for controlling over harassment, a competitive workplace culture, questionable business tactics, and discrimination to thwart rivals.

Khosrowshahi is the steady hand required on the wheel now, Huffington claimed. Huffington stated of a Silicon Valley civilization that neglects misbehaviors of leading performers who caters results. In his memo to workers, Khosrowshahi mentioned an Uber method of toe-stepping, which he claimed was aimed to allow users speak their minds in spite of their places but was too frequently employed as a reason for being an asshole.

Uber rolled out an urgent inquiry previously this year after an employee who operated in the company until late last year blamed that her manager conducted sexual advances soon after she started working. She posted in a blog that she criticized to the company’s human resources department and more senior managers.

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