Music Gives Positive Results In Autism

In the recent years, the numbers of children being affected by autism have increased.Music therapy gave a positive result in the treatment of the children who were autistic.

Good relationships create meaningful experiences in one’s life. But there are some difficulties faced while building relationships with the child suffering from autism. It is due to the level of symptoms that interfere with their abilities to socialize.

The researchers from the GAMUT made a study from which they concluded that a good quality of therapeutic relationship made positive changes in the social abilities of the autistic children.

Music Gives Positive Results In Autism

In the study 48 children were included which were of the age 4 to 7. These kids received music therapy every week for a period of 5 Months. Videos of the sessions were made. These videos helped in comparing the child’s social skills before and after receiving the therapy. It helped them in understanding the relational bonding between the therapist and the child.

The outcomes of this study confirmed the reduction of the symptoms. There were improvements in the language and the communication skills which purely connected to the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

The procedure that was used in this study while giving music therapy to the autistic child is the therapist  transferring some kind of principles by improvising the music. This music was tailored to sync in with the child’s movements, sounds, and postures. This allowed  the attunement and the synchronization of the child.

Prime focus was made on the emotional attunement along with the musical attunement as in low functioning childhood autism kids it was very important to work on their sensory processing and on the deviations that were associated with the movements of the child. These are the things that are affected in autistic children.

Even though at the initial stage of the music therapy the results were not better when compared with the other therapies but in the later stage, it was found that children who have coexisting intellectual disability or childhood autism gave better results from the music therapy. The children with another autism diagnosis did not respond positively to the music therapy.


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