Sauce Century Older Than US Served To Trump In South Korea

A special and unique sauce which is more than a century older than the U.S.A., will be on the menu card for the US President Donald Trump at his state formal meal in Seoul along with a cautiously fiddly prawn. The dinner, which will be taking place at the presidential Blue House multifarious next to an earlier royal palace, which will consist of: beef rib meal along with a gravy made with a “superb, 365 years old soy sauce”, stated by a spokesman from presidential office.

Sauce Century Older Than US Served To Trump In South Korea

Based on the research the sauce was made in the year 1657, in the year when the father of the US Declaration of sovereignty party Benjamin Franklin was born. Several fermented food which includes: soy sauce is considered as the staple food of South Korean cuisine; this particular soy sauces was prepared by well-known artisans and fermented for several decades or even centuries sold for almost tens of thousands of dollars per liter.

In one of the food show which was shown in the year 2012, several artisans displayed soy sauce which they declared was made 470 years ago, with a price tag of almost 110 million won (USD 91,000). The menu for the President will also include a roasted sole, which is known to be Trump’s preferred fish. An anonymous bureaucrat told the South’s Yonhap media organization: “The menu will include food stuffs that have local, traditional taste that could also appeal to the savor of the US President.”

But it is a marked distinction to the mostly common US- style fare the president was given by Prime Minister of Japan named Shinzo Abe, with whom he has a considerably warmer and friendly relationship as compared to the South Korean President called Moon Jae-In. Within the few hours of Trump’s arrival in the Tokyo, President Donald Trump and Abe sat down on the dining table with their favorite cheeseburgers, along with tomato ketchup, and the attraction of the state formal meal was a steak. The Seoul feast also included prawn that Moon’s workplace said was caught near a borderline island as claimed both by the South Korea and Japan.


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