Karnataka Government To Set Up Wi-Fi Service In All Gram Panchayats

The Government of Karnataka this week revealed a determined project to set up Wi-Fi service in all gram panchayats all over Karnataka, starting with 2,500 gram panchayats in 2017. The project might cover the digital gap and offer a chance to every capitalist from the towns and cities all over Karnataka, to advantage from the promising eco-system, Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah claimed to the media in an interview at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2017 last week.

Karnataka Government To Set Up Wi-Fi Service

“It is with this belief that our administration has taken up a determined project to set up Wi-Fi service all over Karnataka in all the gram panchayats, starting with 2,500 gram panchayats in 2017,” he claimed. Karnataka contributes for 44% of the entire investment goals in the nation in 2017 according to the data rolled out by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, he claimed. Siddaramaiah also claimed that new age incubation system centers have been installed in a handful of colleges all over the state with the intention of heartening teen minds to invent & innovate and turn out to be entrepreneurs.

“I stoutly believe that it is necessary for us to hit a fine balance between sustainable development and economic growth as we guide into an extremely connected and converged world to not only aim on limitless economic development but rather on eco-friendly technologies and economic activities that permit sustainable development and growth to co-exist,” he claimed to the media.

Siddaramaiah claimed that Centers of Excellence have already been installed in regions such as defense and aerospace and Internet of Things that might support other up-and-coming techs such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security.

He claimed that Karnataka carries on to reinforce the Information Technology segment by investments in a sequence of planned projects such as Information Technology Special Economic Zone at Mangaluru, Hardware Park at Devanahalli, various Incubators on a Public-Private Partnership model, and Arya Bhatta Park at Hubballi. “In short, a total of 921 acres of KIADB (Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board) land is accessible in the recently developed groups all over these regions,” he claimed.

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