On Allegations Of Favouritism On Son Ishaan Kattar In Dhadak, Rajesh Khattar Reacts!!

The posters of Ishan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor’s movie, which is soon to release have already created a lot of buzz amongst the Bollywood fans. The movie is an adaption of the critically acclaimed Marathi film SAIRAT. The movie will be directed by Shashank Khaitan, and it is again Karan Johar who will be putting in all the money in the film meaning it will be produced by “Dharma Productions”. The moment the posters were released, people flooded the page of twitter with their views saying, “nepotism rocks”. Rajesh Khattar, last seen in Beyhadh who is Ishaan’s father, recently gave his comments on this issue saying, “Social media is just like an open defecation ground”.

Allegations Of Favouritism

“If you have something to share or convey to the audience, then social media is a great and best platform to use,” said Rajesh Khattar. “But unfortunately it has simply become a place for trolls, it has become something where people just dump their sh** about anyone and anything they want. It has become like an open defecation ground,” Rajesh added further. Karan was not forced to cast Ishaan; he decided to cast Ishaan as he found him suitable for the character he is portraying in his movie. Karan’s movie is about youngsters within the age group of 18 to 21, and he also wanted actors who have not been seen of the screens before and that is why he chose Janhvi and Ishaan.

He further said, “In Shahid’s case, what was the nepotism that was added? Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azim were not that huge stars? But look at Shahid, he has made up this way on his own hard work and capabilities. Today, Ishaan is being targeted for being Shahid’s brother..!! Where was the nepotism when Shah Rukh Khan came in the industry? But if Aryan, Shahrukh’s son will be acting they will say it is nepotism.

Well, Rajesh Kattar has stated some valid points that should be given a thought. Only after seeing both Janhvi and Ishaan in the trailers, teasers and movie, will it be correct to comment on their acting skills.

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