Harassment By The Financiers Take Up One More Life

On November 21, 2017, the Tamil film industry was shocked to hear the sad news of the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar.

Ashok Kumar was the cousin of the filmmaker Sasikumar; he worked as the production manager and also managed Sasikumar’s finances. Ashok was only 43 years old when on Tuesday evening he was found hanging in his residence. He had written a two-page suicide note in which he blamed the leading financier N. Anbuchezhian for his extreme step.

Harassment By The Financiers Take Up One More Life

The suicide letter stated that Anbuchezhian was charging him exorbitant interest rates on his previous loan from the past seven years. It also stated that from the last six months, he had started to harass the women and the elderly family members of his house. Anbuchezhian had connections with the police force and he also had political support, claimed Ashok. He was hurt to see that Sasikumar was also being pushed into this matter owing to the financial mistakes that he had committed. Earlier, a complaint was filed with the police by Sasikumar against Anbuchezhian. Currently, the police have formed a special team in order to arrest the ones who are guilty of this suicide.

Anbuchezhian is one of the biggest financiers in the Kollywood. He has strong political connections and was also previously arrested on the charges of usury but was soon freed from the charges.

The film industry is very much aware of the rumor that late G Venkateswaran, older brother of Mani Ratnam, committed suicide owing to the pressure from Anbuchezhian. Framing charges against Anbuchezhian will not be an easy task as several producers and actors in the Kollywood industry get their funds from him.

The real root cause of these problems is that there is no institutional finance available for the filmmakers and thus they have no other option than going to the blade financiers. According to the producer G Dhananjayan, till 2015, there was the availability of the institutional financiers but the current scenario is grave. He suggests that if you want to produce a film then you should have your own money and should restrict from borrowing the money.

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