Work Hard To Ensure 21st Century Belongs To Us: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on few days back requested Indians in Manila to start working hard to make certain that the 21st Century belongs to our country India and said his administration was making all effort to change the country and take it to a new level. He was addressing the Indian Diaspora in the Philippines capital, PM Narendra Modi stated that difficulties can come in between but once it’s over no one can ever stop our country India from achieving any goals.

Work Hard To Ensure 21st Century Belongs To Us: PM Modi

“Our efforts are intended at changing India and ensuring the whole thing in our country matches international standards,” PM Narendra Modi added in his almost 30-minute speech. As we know that 21st Century is illustrated as Asia’s Century, PM Narendra Modi told the encouraging listeners that it was responsibility of all Indian to work really hard to make it a century of our country India. “I say it is achievable,” Modi added. The PM Narendra Modi stated, India has all the time contributed to the world tranquility and almost more than 1.20 lakh Indian army soldiers given their lives just for tranquility and peace throughout the two world wars.

“Our deputation in the United Nations international relations Forces is amongst the largest. Our country, India is the land of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, peace is important to our ethnicity,” he added, highlighting India’s input to the world tranquility. PM Narendra Modi also lauded his management proposals such as ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’ , ‘Swachh Bharat’, and ‘Ujjwala Yojana’. “Which Indian today doesn’t wish for sanitation? My team has started from where our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi left and now around 2.35 lakh villages in India have turn into open defecation liberated,” he added. He also added that getting a LPG connection formerly used to be an immense accomplishment, PM Narendra Modi said his government has given completely free LPG connections to almost more than 3.4 crore families in the past 3 years.

In opposition “The Congress party has called for a meeting and later on told a press conference that they are of the opinion that if they keep hold of the power they will augment the number of LPG cylinders to the citizens from 10 to 15 per year,”.

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