Satiate Your Hunger Pangs With Momo’s Festival

Fest your taste buds with an assortment of delicious momos, visit Saket and step in at Garden of Five Senses. The festival will take place from December 16 this year end.

Momo lovers can hoop in the capital city of India and experience the new innovations in the world of Momos. The year 2016 witnessed a successful GoBuzzinga Momo festival blended with varied spices and flavors ranging from Afghani, chicken changezi, peshawari and more. Even the sweet tooth craving weren’t left behind with unique chocolate experiments in momos; there was everything for everyone. The festival was not just for foodies but people who enjoy food, drinks and music together were also welcome. Momos festival is prominent for the captivating mixed crowd from every nook and corner of the world, assembled at the heart of India.

Satiate Your Hunger Pangs With Momo’s Festival

The year end 2017, with similar zeal and enthusiasm, GoBuzzinga Momo Festival (4th edition) expects more foodies and varied crowd to satisfy their cravings for delicious and scrumptious varieties of momos. The veggies and the non-veg gourmets will be overwhelmed with peanut butter, paan, cream and cocktail, oreo, vodka, Maggie, kurkure, shrimp, cheese and much more variations.

The festive will help us record an observation on the recent ban claims on momos by BJP of Jammu and Kashmir. The claims were that the MSG in the food will drastically affect your health to which the Food and Drug association (FDA) in the USA responded by saying the MSG in food is GRAS, in general terms, recognized as safe to eat. A massively active social media platform, i.e., Twitter, was used to oppose the ban claims and unrealistic ill-health effects from momos. This festival 4 might help understand the effect of the news on the general masses while making the event fun loving, entertaining and delicious.

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