WhatsApp Trialing Feature Of Restricted Groups

We all are familiar with WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging company, which keeps trialing new features on both iOS and Android handsets from time to time in its beta version. Even though most of the features witness the light of the day, most of them don’t. This time the Facebook-controlled instant messenger has been located trialing a new function for groups, offering slightly more significance to their admins.

WhatsApp Trialing Feature Of Restricted Groups

This new function is being dubbed as “Restricted Groups,” as per a website. The function might change the Group feature of WhatsApp completely. According to the website, WhatsApp is trialing this function in the version 2.17.430 on both iOS and Android platforms. Utilizing the feature of Restricted Group, the admins of the group will be to allowed to disable other members in the group thread from commenting anything. Once started, the members will only see the alternative to mute the notifications of the group or straightly text to the group admin.

It has also been discovered out that an admin can limit members from posting anything for 72 Hours in the group as of now. On the other hand, this limit might alter by the time this function is launched to everyone. Also cited is that this function is by default disabled, hence not everybody will be allowed to employ it right away.

Bringing functions such as “Restricted Groups” makes sense considering that a group has various members and some huge declaration by the admin can go unobserved amid various other comments. On iOS, WhatsApp lately launched out 2 major functions. The app updated with version v2.17.81 has made it simpler for consumers to send and record voice texts. Until now they had to long press the button of record to send a text. Now, when they press the button for voice recording, they will look at a lock button. This simplifies things a lot.

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