Google Drive Will Eliminate Tab For Google Photos

In the form of a New Year gift, Google will be turning Google Drive, its cloud storage service, less messy. The search behemoth has declared that it will be eliminating one of the tabs from the navigation bar of the Drive, beginning from January 2018.

Commencing next month you will not be allowed to authorize the tab of “Google Photos” from the side navigation bar of Drive. On the other hand, this does not mean that the facility will be misplacing all the functions related to Photos. You can still carry out tasks such as creating a Google Photos folder or even accessing your videos and photos saved in the Google Photos.

Google Drive Will Eliminate Tab For Google Photos

“Currently, in Google Drive you can see your Google Photos straightly in the left navigation through a tab and from folders inside My Drive,” claims the blog post of G Suite Updates. “In January 2018, we will make Drive navigation simpler by eliminating the tab of Google Photos. You can carry on accessing your videos and photos in Drive by making a folder of Google Photos in My Drive.”

Up till now, tapping on the tab of Google Photos in the navigation bar permitted consumers to straightly filter everything else and authorize the videos and photos. For now, this tab can also be viewed in the iOS and Android edition of Drive.

In case you are working out how to make a folder of Google Photos in Google Drive, here are the simple steps:

Step 1 (In desktop)

Open Google Drive and tap on the gear icon of “Settings” present right under photo area of your account profile on the top right corner.

Step 2

Click on “General” in the in the dialogue box. (This normally unlocks by default).

Step 3

Scroll down and check off the box for “Create a Google Photos folder.” This will robotically place your content of Google Photos in a folder. The folder can be authorized from within My Drive.

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