BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier By FiiO Hits Shelves In India

FiiO, the China-located accessories and audio products maker, has rolled out BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth amplifier with a price tag of Rs 3,990. The gadget is now obtainable for buyout both offline retail shops as well as online. BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth amplifier can link to handset through Bluetooth and has a 3.5mm jack headphones. The gadget employs AK4376 DAC that provides almost 32-bit/384 kHz capability of audio decoding and supplies improved signal-to-noise ratio and output power as per the firm.

BTR1 DAC & aptX Bluetooth Amplifier By FiiO Hits Shelves In India

It also has a body made up of aluminum alloy and features buttons intended for various tasks such as Play/Pause, Power on/off, changing tracks, answering calls, and many more. It can wrap distances of almost 10m and has Bluetooth 4.2 as well as support almost 2 devices simultaneously. It has an omni-directional in-built microphone that is stated to capture audio with much more quality in comparison to what is naturally employed in handsets.

The handset has a battery of 205mAh that is claimed to consume less than 2 Hours of charging and supply extra 8 Hours of support. Consumers can also verify the level of battery for the amplifier on their handsets. The BTR1 backs TRRS CTIA and TRS headphones and is also well-matched with both Android and iOS handsets.

On a similar note, lately FiiO rolled out a new variant of its X3 Mark III series of audio players. The series has a price tag of Rs 14,990. The device has a multi-function and innovative button carrying out different functions such as access to equalizer and playback controls. X3 Mark III is also stated to be certified as a Hi-Res Audio product. It backs different formats of audio such as WMA, WAV, ALAC, FLAC, DFF, and DSF. X3 Mark has a dual DACs that allows a higher signal-to-noise ratio and noise reduction.

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