Gboard 6.8 Beta App Bundled With Handwriting Input App

Google has recently concluded releasing out Gboard 6.5 to its consumers that comprises backing for 40 extra languages. However, the beta testers have already begun getting the update for Gboard 6.8. The latest beta app version’s best part is that it now involves one more app within it—Handwriting Input.

For those who are not aware, Handwriting Input app of Google has been around as a separate app for quite some time now in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, it has now been incorporated right within beta version of Gboard 6.8. The app allows consumers to handwrite text on the handsets. The keyboard app backs almost 97 languages, voice messages, and even cursive writing.

Gboard 6.8 Beta App Bundled With Handwriting Input App

As posted by 9to5Google, you can have a look at the app Handwriting Input in Gboard settings beheading to Languages, followed by selecting the keyboard type as “Handwriting.” The specific type of keyboard also provides easy authorization to symbols, numbers, and other features including emoji. You have to modify the type of keyboard to transport back the normal keys.

On the other hand, in the APK fragmentation of the specific variant of the app, the site has discovered that the app might consist of the Motion Stills gif feature of the company as well. Also exposed is that the Handwritten keyboard in future might employ full-screen. One of the small but clever features that might also make an entry soon is the automatic space post consumers insert punctuation.

For now, there is no affirmation if these features discovered in APK fragmentation will witness the light of the day or the other way round. Google has been continually enhancing its app of Gboard and the latest version conveys a couple of more features in the plate. The new version of the app now backs 40 more languages comprising Japanese.

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