GoDaddy And Shopmatic Declares Tactical Union

Shopmatic is an e-commerce Singapore-based company that allows sellers to take their trade online. The company has now made an entry into a tactical joint venture with GoDaddy. Users of GoDaddy, the biggest cloud platform in the world devoted to independent and small ventures, will now have a faultless approach to link their domain name to webstore offering of Shopmatic to make a worldwide online attendance.

GoDaddy And Shopmatic Declares Tactical Union

In the same way, Shopmatic users will be allowed to purchase and view .org, .net, .in, and .com domain names from GoDaddy, a release from Shopmatic claimed this week. The mission of GoDaddy is to offer users the insights, online tools, and support to convert their personal initiatives and ideas into success. In addition to this, it also aims to assist small entrepreneurs and businesses reach users all over the world by offering them an affordable and easy method to get their companies online.

This joint venture will permit Shopmatic sellers to lock a preferred domain name from GoDaddy, as well as the capability of easily directing users to an already present blog, website, any social media profile, or marketplace with a single tap, it claimed. “As a worldwide e-commerce firm, our main aim is to provide an online platform for individual business owners and merchants that assist them in reaching out to a chunk of audience and pace their trades,” Anurag Avula, CEO of Shopmatic, claimed to the media in an interview at the time of release.

“This joint venture with GoDaddy will give power to our expanding user base additionally with the correct tools in making a distinctive online attendance,” he claimed. Shopmatic users will carry on enjoying the advantages of being enlisted on the marketplace due to an ecosystem that promotes growth of their business, Avula claimed to the media as well as in the release.

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