Apple Launches iOS 11.2 With New Features

After experimenting for quite some time in the beta mode, Apple has lastly began introducing out iOS 11.2 ultimate version to all the qualified iPad and iPhone devices all over the world. The OS variant has features such as new emojis, Apple Pay Cash, and many more along with improved charging.

Apple Launches iOS 11.2 With New Features

It is being claimed that the firm introduced out iOS 11.2 on a weekend, days prior of its usual release period, in order to convey a fix for the bug related to “Date” in iOS. If you are impacted by the bug, you might have to pursue various actions if you need a faultless download of iOS 11.2. The bug related to “Date” in iOS was claimed to constantly crash the impacted models of iPhone when notifications of domestic time-based app popup.

Executives of Apple are suggesting consumers to manually modify the date to the time prior to the issue occurred (that is prior to December 2) to fix it provisionally. Some consumers on Reddit have discovered a solution by stopping the notifications of the particular app and turning off the background system for app refresh.

As soon as the iOS 11.2 is set up, consumers can reinstate the settings back to what it used to be. Apart from this, you receive a peer-to-peer transaction system, Apple Pay Cash, rolled out by the company previously this month. To utilize this, consumers might have to log in to their account of iCloud on any gadget that will be employed to receive or send money. Additionally, consumers might also require linking their eligible debiting and credit card to the wallet.

The feature of Apple Pay Cash operates via Siri or with the iMessage app. Consumers will not require to download an individual app for this. Unluckily, Apple has not yet given data as to when this transaction feature will be arriving to other nations.

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