No ‘Ash Content’ Found In Maggi, Says Nestle India Company

FMCG’s most important group known as Nestle India is currently facing a lot of issues as well as penalty over suspected “ash content” which was said to be found in the Nestle Maggi. But it was stated that the Nestle Company does not utilize it while producing the popular and famous instant noodles.”We strongly and stoutly say it again that at no point in the manufacturing development process, ash is ever been added to Maggi instant noodles,” Nestle India representative stated in a statement given to the news media recently.

No 'Ash Content' Found In Maggi, Says Nestle India Company

The development and expansion comes after the constituency management of Shahjahanpur located in Uttar Pradesh slapped a high amount of fine or penalty on Nestle India and its major distributors after instant Maggi noodles supposedly botched to pass the laboratory test. The district management forced a penalty of Rs 45 Lakh on Nestle India Company, Rs 15 Lakh on 3 main distributors and Rs 11 Lakh on 2 sellers. “At the same time, we have not yet got any kind of order passed by the Arbitration official, we understand and value from the facts and data accessible that the relevant and appropriate samples which were out in the year 2015 and the subject pertains to ‘Ash content’,” he further added.

The company stated that the Maggi instant noodles are acquiescent with the latest rules laid by the food safety controller (FSSAI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for any kind of instant noodles, seasoning and pasta. “It is an old case of applying basic standards on the basis of an old consultative issued in the year 2015. A Maggi instant noodle is completely acquiescent with the new standards set by FSSAI.”

“The Maggi noodles have been safe for consumption for many years and will continue maintain the same standard,” the representative added. Maggi was forbidden by FSSAI in the month of June in the year 2015 for supposedly containing lead substance beyond permitted limits, forcing Nestle Company to pull out the famous product from the market.

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