Microsoft Selects 4 Students On Day 2 For Rs 1.3 Crore

Almost 1 out of 7 candidates on the campus of IIT Bombay has been placed in the 1st three slots of placement for this year. A total of almost 250 graduating students were picked last week on Day 2 of the placement.

In the mean time, these figures might rise as the chaos of the placement for second day ends a little post midnight. By last week, Samsung Bangalore chose 24 students, the biggest company so far. Local packages for salary also increased up by almost 15% to 20% in comparison with last year.

Microsoft Selects 4 Students On Day 2 For Rs 1.3 Crore

Day 1 witnessed almost 20 global offers from firms such as Microsoft, Uber, NEC Japan, Optiver, and Rubric. A total of 142 IITians were chosen on Day 1. Apart from this, the placement day witnessed BPCL and ISRO choose 13 IITians taking the concluding figure to155. In 2016, 158 IITians were selected by the end of Day 1.

As per data, 4 IITians were selected for USD 2.1 Lakh (almost Rs 1.3 Crore) by Microsoft Redmond. NEC Japan that selected 7 candidates offered a salary of 45.7 Japanese Yen. Rubrik, the first time recruiter from the campus of Powai, selected 3 students while Palantir Technologies selected 1 student.

Day 2 witnessed firms such as Intel, Samsung Bangalore, Visa, Oracle, Adobe, Murata, Quadeye, Walmart, Flow Traders, UBS, Yahoo Japan, MasterCard, Flipkart, Ab Inbev, American Express, ICICI, JP Morgan Chase, Eaton Technologies, Mercedes Benz, Mathworks, Deloitte Consulting, Flock, Citicorp, and Maxlinear.

At IIT-Guwahati, the Day 1 placements increased up to 178 in comparison to 154 of previous year. This is over and above the 75 pre-placement proposals that were offered to candidates. Professor-in-charge of placements as well as training at the institute, Kaustubha Mohanty, claimed, “In 2017, we had 41 firms giving a visit to the campus on Day 1, which is 11 more in comparison to previous year.”

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