US Stated: Pakistan Should Arrest Terrorist Hafiz Saeed, released Yesterday

Hafiz Saeed is charged of plotting and planning the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which around 12 Pakistani terrorists conducted violence activity in Mumbai landmarks jointly, leaving 165 citizens dead.

Hafiz Saeed, the main and important instigator of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, was unchained in Pakistan this week itself. 26/11 instigator Hafiz Saeed was released after around 10 months of house arrest.

US Stated: Pakistan Should Arrest Terrorist Hafiz Saeed, released Yesterday

It clearly shows that Pakistan has no aim of prosecuting terrorists: stated India

The US stated this week that Pakistan must arrest Hafiz Saeed; he was charged with several crimes such as murdering of civilian. 26/11 instigator Hafiz Saeed must be detained by Pakistan and should also be charged for his transgressions, the United States stated. India has stated his being free and releasing actually proves that Pakistan is not serious and somber about grueling terrorists.

Saeed’s house arrest, which actually started in the month of January, was completed this week by a court. Earlier, he gave out a combustible speech in Lahore about India after he was being released. For several years, the US has offered $15 Million as a reward for information and data that could actually lead to his detain. He always moved around freely and fearlessly in his own country Pakistan as the head of JuD or the Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which represents itself as a benevolent organization but is seen as a front for terrorist community called as Lashkar-e-Taiba.

“India, as definitely the complete international society, is annoyed that the UN proscribed terrorist and self-confessed terrorist is being permitted to walk freely in his country Pakistan and continue with his malevolence program,” Raveesh Kumar (Foreign Ministry spokesperson) stated yesterday. Hafiz Saeed has completely denied his involvement and participation in the 2008 attack in which around 12 Pakistani terrorists brutally attacked in the city of Mumbai landmarks in duo, leaving 165 citizens dead.

Pakistan’s rejection to take any kind of action against Hafiz Saeed has been one of the major stress spots of its association with India. The court two days back stated that Pakistani Government has completely failed to present credible arguments as it required a three-month expansion on Saeed’s house arrest.

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