Solar Roof Added In Tesla’s Menu

Starting from this week, users all over the world can order a solar roof on website of Tesla. Setting up of these roofs will start next month in the U.S., initiating with California. Setting up outside the U.S. will initiate in 2018, the firm claimed. The glass tiles were revealed by the company in 2016 immediately before the firm combined with SolarCity, the solar panel manufacturer. They are developed to look similar to a conventional roof, with choices that duplicate terracotta or slate tiles. The solar tiles have photovoltaic cells that are not visible from the road.

Solar Roof Added In Tesla’s Menu

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, claimed that one of the disadvantages to solar installations at home has been the solar panels. They are often shiny, awkward, and ugly. Users will want roof of Tesla, he claimed, since it has good or better looks as compared to a standard roof.

“When you have the Tesla roof set up on your home, you will have the most excellent roof in the neighborhood. The designs and features are that good,” Musk claimed in a discussion call with media. The roof is assured for the life of the house, which is more than the 20-year lifetime for a usual, non-solar roof, Musk stated. It went through the similar fire, hail, and wind examination that usual roofs bears.

The company’s website comprises a calculator where possible users can guess the price tag of a solar roof on the basis of size of their house, federal tax credits, and the quantity of sunlight their neighborhood gets. They can also place down a refundable deposit of $1,000 to preserve a spot in line. Tesla claimed that the solar tiles has a price tag of $42 for each square foot to set up, making them far more expensive as compared to slate, which has a price tag of around $17 for each asphalt, or square foot, which is priced for around $5.

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