TRAI To Put A Cap On Pre Launch Time And Number Of Users

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI, this week recommended the regulations of network testing done by an operator before commercially rolling out of mobile services. They proposed strong restriction on number of trial users to be on-boarded and a period of 90 Days for the trial stage. This proposal has left this sector worried after Reliance Jio stored more than 1.5 Million consumers even before commercially rolling out its services in early September 2016.

TRAI To Put A Cap On Pre Launch Time And Number Of Users

The recognized providers at that point of time had blamed the new player for providing full-fledged mobile connection bundled with free offers in the disguise of a test roll out. The existing operators had also claimed that the regulations of such test service be made clear. The TRAI, in its proposition rolled out this week, has recommended that while a carrier must be permitted to sign up trial users, there must be some defined restrictions both in terms of duration of the trial stage, i.e., 90 days, but can be increased on valid cases and the number of test users in a service region.

TRAI stated that if the telecom service provider fails to finish network trialing due to some valid factors, it might ask for extra time through explanation, which are determined on case-to-case basis by the licensor. The industry regulator similarly offered limiting the number of test users to 5% of installed network capability for a service region and claimed that for this, the service carrier should give comprehensive ability calculations of the network to TRAI and Department of Telecom minimum 15 days before beginning enrolment of test users.

TRAI further claimed that facility of number porting must not be expanded during the test period. Carriers should clearly tell users regarding the services that will be provided in the test phase and possible date of commercial launch.

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