Gear Up For The Upgrade With Chrome’s Cleanup Tool

Google has unveiled new Chrome Cleanup tool to help users of Chrome Browser on Windows platform. However, it is not available on Chrome for Linux and mac OS. It will help users remove unwanted and harmful software. It is using recognition engine designed by IT Security company ESET to give users safe browsing experience. However, this new tool is not a replacement for general purpose antivirus.

Gear Up For The Upgrade With Chrome's Cleanup Tool

New edition of Chrome Cleanup tool is required to be downloaded separately. However, the latest feature is included within Chrome for Windows. When any unnecessary software is identified, it informs user about it. It uses detection engine designed by ESET. Also, it offers options to remove that unnecessary or harmful software. It restores Chrome to its default setting with a click of a button after removing unwanted software. Google has announced that it is their latest addition to help Chrome users on Windows.

Philippe Rivard, Product Manager of Chrome Cleanup, has said that now we can remove unwanted software more than ever before and it will benefit more Chrome users.

This new cleanup tools is not like antivirus system which remains active all the time on the device but it acts only when browser is open, it scans occasionally.

In addition to Chrome Cleanup Tool, recently Google has improvised Chrome to give it capability to identify modifications done by any extensions without informing users. It has enabled users to recover from unwanted settings.

As stated by leading Web Traffic Analysis Company Statcounter, Google’s Chrome rules the desktop browser market with a 55.68% market share; however, Apple’s safari has only 14.22% market share with 2nd position in September 2017.

These additions will offer users with more protection and are expected to improve the market share of Google Chrome. As a result, Chrome will earn more loyalty form the users and it will become difficult for their competitors.

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