Smartphone Sensors To Cross Mark Of 10 Billion Unit Shipments In 2020

The smartphones sensors that offer an array of functionalities and features to enhance the in general user experience are expected to reach the mark of 10 Billion unit shipment by the end of 2020, new study claimed this week. As per “Components Tracker” research of Counterpoint, all sensors more than 6 Billion sensors were exported in 2017 inside smartphones.

Smartphone Sensors To Cross Mark Of 10 Billion Unit Shipments In 2020

“Sensors such as Compass, Accelerometer, ALS (Ambient Light Sensors), and Gyroscope have turned out to be omnipresent all over smartphones even down to a sub-category of $50,” Senior Analyst at Counterpoint Research, Pavel Naiya, claimed to the media in an interview. “These sensors have been the main parts to make a handset smarter figuring out significant use-cases from gaming, navigation, and augmented reality to preserve life of battery and much more,” he claimed.

Some premium handsets have already incorporated more than 15 multiple sensors and this figure is set to jump owing to technological enhancements in MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) and other sensor techs boosting latest use cases. “Biometrics supported sensors within handsets have witnessed a greater acceptance in the past couple of years. For instance, more than 1 Billion handsets to be exported in 2018 will feature a sensor for fingerprint and almost 400 Million will sport some kind of biometric face unlock sensor solution,” Naiya claimed to the media.

Senior Analyst Jene Park claimed, “3D sensing, Iris scanner, NFC, and Gyroscope will be well-liked sensors this year, fueling functions from AR/VR to facial biometrics, digital payments, immersive gaming, and others. Roughly 1 out of 2 handsets will put together a Gyroscope or an NFC solution by the end of 2020.” Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi were the leading three companies boosting Gyroscope exports with a joint 60% share this year. In NFC-supported handset shipments, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei single-handedly grabbed 83% of the share in the market.

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