Lockheed Martin Seeking To Spend In Female-Founded Startups

Lockheed Martin, the worldwide security and aerospace major, is seeking to spend in technology companies. This is done with a particular focus on women-established ones, claimed its vice president and deputy executive Lorraine M Martin, to the media in an interview. Lockheed Martin presently has 2 huge joint ventures with the Sikorsky and Tata group in India for defense and aerospace equipment manufacturing.

Lockheed Martin Seeking To Spend In Female-Founded Startups

The women leader, with 30 Years of experience from Lockheed Martin and 4.5 Years of experience with the U.S. Air Force, claimed that attempts were also on to motivate women industrialists via seed funding, for which they had joined hands with the Government of India and lately with Tata Trusts. This data was also backed by the industry insiders that have a deep knowledge of this move.

Over a decade of backing to startups in India has already made more than 400 companies, many of which were established by females, with more than $900 Million of swelling incomes, she claimed to the media. “We have been very concerned in some of the spending to assist innovative strategies and new ideas that teams or individuals may have to assist spend in them. We have been backing them for the past 11 Years via IIGP (India Innovation Growth Program), where we provide $2 Million each year of mentoring and resources to startups via contests, wherein we had joined hands with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and most lately with the Tata Trust, increasing our resources 2x,” she claimed to the media.

“We have set aside various billion dollars to back any ground-breaking idea that might modify the world, many of them arriving from female teams and individuals. Almost 400 ideas have occurred and almost $900 Million in income from these ground-breaking industrialists so far has arrived,” she claimed.

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