Facebook Ads Introduces Click-to-WhatsApp Buttons For Users

Facebook has something for the advertisers. Yes, if you are an advertiser on the social media platform, now you have a larger audience to indulge with. And this will happen as Facebook has introduced a button “click-to-WhatsApp” on its platform, which will enable advertisers to link with around 1 Billion users of WhatsApp.

Facebook Ads Introduces Click-to-WhatsApp Buttons For Users

Facebook that has a user base of 2.1 Billion confirmed that it is launching the new “-to-WhatsApp” feature step by step, initiating with South America and North, Australia, Africa, and the majority of Asia. However, it was pointed out by TechCrunch that Europe is not mentioned in the listing, a prominent nonappearance that can be pointed to the predicament WhatsApp is in with EU watchdogs already over giving out data to Facebook.

Facebook’s Product Marketing Manager, Pancham Gajjar, mentioned in a statement, “Several individuals use WhatsApp already to correspond with small businesses. It is a convenient and rapid approach to stay in touch.”

He further said, “By introducing a button, click-to-WhatsApp, to Facebook advertisements, now businesses can make it simpler for individuals to know about their services and products, arrange a meeting, or utilize their service.”

The social media giant said that more than a million Pages at present contain WhatsApp numbers in their articles. AS reported by reported Adweek, to make this feature function, companies that have WhatsApp numbers can include buttons “send message” with the WhatsApp logo to their respective Facebook advertisements and those commercials will be delivered only to those who have WhatsApp installed on their devices.

Individuals must include the WhatsApp numbers of the businesses to their contacts to start discussions. After they do this, the messaging application launches with a default message conveying interest that can be amended prior to sending by users. The feature is analogous to the button “click-to-Messenger” that was introduced by Facebook in its advertisements last year in November.

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