Truck Carrying EVMs Overturns In Gujarat—Hardik Patel Calls It A ‘Kaand’

A lorry overturned near Bharuch in Gujarat on Thursday, which was carrying Voter Certified Paper Assessment Trail units and hundred Electronic Voting Machines. In the accident, three laborers, who were also travelling in the lorry, were injured, said the police.

Hardik Patel, the Patidar leader, tweeted commenting sarcastically, in response to the incident.

Truck Carrying EVMs Overturns In Gujarat—Hardik Patel Calls It A 'Kaand'

Sandip Sagale, collector of votes in Bharuch district, said, “It was from city of Jambusar, Gujarat, to a stockroom in the town of Bharuch that these EVMs and VVPAT units used for elections were being transported.”

During the recently conducted Gujarat Elections 2017, these units had not been used as the units were kept safely for Jambusar electorate of Bharuch where process of election was carried out on December 9, he said.

To Hardik Patel, this incident perhaps did not matter much, and he went ahead and called this mishap a “kaand”.

Patel had stated his worries on the reliability of EVMs after victory of BJP in Gujarat elections. He stated the EVMs might have been hacked and this is the reason behind the results showed a thin margin of difference between the winning candidate and losing candidate in the elections, the difference in votes between the parties were minimal in some constituencies.

Patel had told reporters in Ahmadabad, Rajkot and Surat, the EVM machines have been hacked henceforth the gap is very less wherever tampering happened.

The police rushed at the spot instantly and protected the EVM machine, which was laying all over on the highway where the truck had turned upside down after the accident, which took place near Derol village in Bharuch district.

The lorry was carrying numerous components of EVM machines including, 93 Control Units, 92 Ballot Units, and 103 VVPATs. Three workers in the travelling in the truck who were injured, all the workers who were wounded, have no risk on their lives and their wounds are now recovering.

Collector Sagale told that states EVMs were to be sent where the elections haven’t yet taken place.

A complete report to the Commissioner of the Election will be sent for them to evaluate the damages caused to the EVMs, Sagale said further.

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