FiiL Wireless Headphones Arrives In India

FiiL, the audio equipment manufacturer, has extended its product range with the roll out of FiiL over-the-ear wireless headphones in the country. The device comes with a price label of Rs 17,499 and is obtainable in Silver and Red color variant from Paytm and Amazon.

FiiL Wireless Headphones Arrives In India

The FiiL over-the-ear wireless headphones have wide noise cancellation, frequency response, and regulating sound profiles. Linked through Bluetooth, the headphones pledge to provide noise lowering of almost 98% and 85% in low & high frequency and are developed employing aviation level aluminum alloy body. The leather-wrapped foam ear pads are breathable and comfortable enough at the time of extended listening times. The head band, typically plastic, offers just sufficient force so they will not slide off. The headphone also provides capacitive controls to skip music tracks and regulate the volume. The device can connect with 2 gadgets at a single time.

The device has 40 mm driver and has a 15 Hz to 22,000 kHz of frequency range. The device is well matched with both iOS and Android handsets and bundles a digital high-fidelity sound processor. It states to give almost 27 hours of playback time with ANC on and almost 33 Hours of music playback with ANC off. The firm is providing manufacturing warranty of 1 Year on both the devices.

Previous month, Hong Kong-located Infinix rolled out 2 noise-cancellation devices in India. Named as the Quiet X and Quiet 2, the devices come with a price label of Rs 8,999, and Rs 2,499 respectively. The headphones are solely obtainable on Flipkart. The Infinix Quiet 2 provides in-line textured casing remote control consisting of the button that shifts between noise reduction and Hi-Fi modes. The firm is also providing 3 kinds of earbuds named as titled in-ear buds, shark-fin ear hook, as well as oval earmuffs.

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