Pilot Warned, After Air India Flight Delayed With Minister On Board

On Wednesday, after hundred passengers, including Minister of Civil Aviation, Mr. Ashok Gajapati Raju, had to wait inside the aircraft for more than an hour, three employees were suspended and a strict warning was given to the pilot by Air India.

Air India’s new chief, Pradeep Kharola was asked for an explanation by the minister and the angry passengers. They all confronted the chief and asked for an explanation for the flight’s delay and they wanted to know why wasn’t the flight from Delhi to Vijayawada wasn’t taking off.

Pilot Warned, After Air India Flight Delayed With Minister On Board

From the aircraft only, Mr. Raju gave a call to Mr Kharola when he was surrounded by the angry passengers. GP Rao, the spokesperson of the airlines, confirmed the flight AI 459 was delayed yesterday morning by half an hour. Immediately the minister asked Air India CMD Pradeep Kharola about the reason for the delay in take off when passengers started protesting and questioning minister Raju in the flight, Mr. Rao said.

For reaching the airport late, a letter of warning has been issued to the captain, Mr. Rao added.

The airline’s operation wing reportedly decided to wait for better visibility, the flight’s scheduled time to take off was 6 am although. The ground staff was not informed about this, and they had started with the boarding process. When the pilot was stopped at the security check as a problem with his airport pass, it appeared the aircraft was delayed furthermore. The co-pilot was only able to reach on time.

The pilot after resolving all the security check reached the aircraft after 15 minutes. On Monday, Mr. Kharola, a senior Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, took charge as Air India’s Chairman and MD, and this surely is not a very good start for him. The time when the government has started the process for its planned disinvestment, he is managing the airline.

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