Sun-Like Star Discovered Eating Planets, Leaving Behind Dust And Gas Clouds

A Sun-like star is discovered by astronomers that is 550 light years away from the Earth. The star is said to gradually consume its “offspring”—devastating one or more planets within its orbit into huge clouds of dust and gas. The far-away star named RZ Picseum situated in the constellation Pisces is an unappeasable “eater of worlds.”

The finding might make clear a concise but unpredictable phase in the history of several solar systems, comprising our own. Catherine Pilachowski, said, “We recognize it is not unusual for planets to drift inward in juvenile solar systems as we have discovered several solar systems with the hot Jupiters.”

Sun-Like Star Discovered Eating Planets, Leaving Behind Dust And Gas Clouds

She further added, “This is an extremely interesting period in the progression of planetary systems and we are fortunate to hold a solar system amid the process as it takes place so rapidly in comparison to the stars’ lifetimes.” Destined worlds that flutter in proximity to their sun—to be cleaved apart only by its tidal forces—are called as “disrupted planets” officially.

In RZ Piscium’s case, the matter close to the sun-like star is being gradually demolished to make a tiny circle of remains about the equal space from the star as the orbit of the planet Mercury is from our sun. Pilachowski said, “Derived from our examinations, it appears either that we are observing a quite enormous, gaseous planet being disintegrated by the star, or possibly 2 gas-rich planets that have crashed and been pulled apart.”

She said, solar systems whose planets are not gone astray to their sun are unbalanced in their untimely history, as newly developed planets communicate strongly with each other—and their sun as well—via gravity. Pilachowski said, “This finding actually provides us a beautiful and rare sight into what ensues to several newly developed planets that do not endure the early dynamical turmoil of young solar systems.”

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