Kadak Badshahi 2.0 Arrives With Loaded Train Of Stories For Amdavadis

Kadak Badshahi the 2.0-second edition will be hosted at Shreyas amphitheatre and start every night from 8:30 pm onwards on the January 18 until February 1, 2018. This new version will enrich the historical and cultural stories of Ahmadabad.

Kadak Badshahi 2.0 Arrives With Loaded Train Of Stories For Amdavadis

The play that started 3 years ago for narrating stories from the historical era of Ahmadabad and now continues its legacy with enhanced cast, stories, and characters. Every historical movement right from the British rule, Mughal era, textile mills growth and the modern distress like the Navnirman Movement which focused on student empowerment will be featured in the play involving its real essences. Yadavan Chandran, the director of the second edition of Kadak Badshahi and Nisarg Trivedi and Mallika Sarabhai are the scriptwriters of the play.

One of the original creators of Kadak Badshahi, Danseuse Mallika states that the play is a great challenge for transforming and creating a new experience with the sustaining 3-year-old play for the audience at the amphitheatre. The older venue for the play, Natarani, was a beautiful space with enormous benefits but the new space will use a wider arena for captivating massive audiences.

Radio jockey and actor Devaki, Professor and the head of furniture design at CEPT University Arthur Duff, Ojas Rawal comedian and Aditya Gadhvi the folk singer are few names of the new actors in the new version of the play. Commenting on the acting experience, Prof. Arthur mentions that he is unaware of his character in the play also that it’s the first time he will be performing but confident to play it well.

The open-air space of Shreyas Amphitheater can easily accommodate 3,000 audiences. The Shrimati Bharatidevi Sarabhai Shrirangam arena has an elegant front view with a water pool and fountain to spell-bound the spectators. Leena Sarabhai, the sister of late Vikram, was the founder of the amphitheatre. The water body in the amphitheatre reflects a mirror image that feels like an illusionary world.

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