AIMWPLB Rejects Triple Talaq Bill If Against Quran

All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPB) on Wednesday prior to the day of tabling the “Triple Talaq Bill” in parliament announces its unacceptance of the bill if it’s against their constitution or Holy Quran.

Shaista Amber, the chairperson of AIMWPB, mentions that marriage “nikaah” is a contract and the person, be it man or woman, whosoever breaks it is liable for a punishment but if the proposed legislation is against the constitution or Quran then Muslim women will not accept it.

AIMWPLB Rejects Triple Talaq Bill If Against Quran

The chairperson further explains that they have drafted a letter to the commission of law to request they show the bill to the Jamait Islami, AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board), Jamiat Ulma-e-Hind, AIMWPLB and other such firms who are standing for women suffered due to Triple Talaq. Shaista also mentions that the commission replied saying the discussion will take place only when needed but there is still no action.

Amber continues with her statement that the current state of affairs for the Muslim women suffering from Triple Talaq is due to AIMPLB as the board did not work out for serious action and now it is too late for an action. Naish Hasan, the president of Muslim Women League mentions that the proposed legislation doesn’t give a chance to save a family while the Family Court Act gives a fair chance. She added saying that the bill has given the right to the third party to complain which is not fair. She further explains that the law shall be kept on-hold while discussion should be initiated in order to reduce the complication that the law might create. Hasan states that there will be a protest if there are no discussions on passing the bill.

The SC (Supreme Court) in the month of August ruled over the practice of “Triple Talaq,” an instant divorce process, with a majority of 3:2 amongst the Muslim that it is illegal, unconstitutional and void. The MWPRM (Muslim Women Protect of Rights on Marriage Bill) was drafted by the government in order to criminalize the practice and punish the husband with 3 years of jail term.

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